About Maintenance Contract Services LLC

Maintenance Contract Services LLC is a pavement and concrete repair contract company that serves Kansas City and surrounding areas. Tony Bryant, it’s founder, has over 40 years of experience working on all sorts of pavement, including roads and highways.

Pavers laying down the hot mix

Tony Bryant

I have spent 31 years working as a highway superintendent for Missouri Department of Transportation(MODOT). While there I oversaw the maintenance & repair of the Kansas City area major highways. I also attained many certifications and competencies for planning, budgeting and performing pavement treatments. After retiring from MODOT, I spent over 10 years managing government contracts for American Companies. This gave me the chance to see the outside world from being a Public Servant, the business of contract delivery instead of as a government employee.

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Tony Bryant

In other words, I know what high quality work looks like. I understand the frustrations businesses and homeowners face when dealing with pavement repairs and contract companies.

With Maintenance Contract Services LLC, I make it a smooth experience for the customer, providing the highest quality materials and only working with the highest quality contractors.

Key HIghlights:

  • Reliable

    I am quick to answer calls and need of my customers.

  • Experienced

    You won't find this level of expertise anywhere else.

  • Trusted

    The contractor Kansas City know's and trusts.

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  • 40+

    Working with Roadways

  • 31

    Highway Superintendent for MODOT

  • 10

    American Services Manager

High quality hot mix

What Does Highest Quality Mean?

When I say highest quality, it means the industry standard combined with meeting the customer expectations. Many companies will trade quality or compromise standards for sales. My team will provide you with the highest quality contractor that produces the best results along with good communication.

The highest quality contractors means that I only use contractors who will meet industry standard work. Only those who use proper technique and know the best practice to apply for your property. 

I personally inspect and follow each step of the process to ensure quality.

Highest quality also means excellent communication and responsiveness. I understand your time is valuable. Many times even excellent companies struggle with communication. Poor communication can strangle great work. I communicate promptly and regularly to keep you informed on your project.

Experience what Highest Quality Means

With MCS you won’t have to worry about the normal stress that comes with paving and concrete repair work. Find comfort with 40 years of experience backing your next project.